The Difference Is In The Details

About Us

At Opulent Trucking, we deliver superior customer service by using technology to plan, track & communicate details of each project with our clients. This helps them run more efficient and stay on track with project schedules.

Why Choose Us For Your Hauling Needs?

Our Story

The trucking industry is not really known for focusing on technology as part of their standard day to day operations. This makes tracking loads and planning schedules hard to manage.

At Opulent Trucking, we decided to put technology to work for our clients. This drives better customer service and accountability, helping our valuable customers keep their projects on time.

Just about anyone can deliver materials, but we deliver more than that…we deliver customer service and accountability.

Beliefs & Values


We’re committed to giving back a portion of our profits to local charities to fuel our community growth.


A strong commitment to environmental practices that reuse, recycle and reduce material waste.


We support individuals enrolled in the Re-entry Employment Services Program (RESP) which serves Illinoisans who carry a record of arrest or conviction through the criminal justice system.
Our mission is to provide reliable dump trucking service to both businesses and consumers, using real time information and technologies, while promoting our corporate responsibility of maintaining a safe environment.

Our vision is to become a recognized performance leader in the dump truck service industry, leveraging innovative technologies that will allow us to provide superior customer service.  We will align ourselves with like-minded employees and partners who conduct themselves with respect, integrity and honesty and who share the common goal of promoting reuse, reduce and recycle initiatives.